Marketing Management Resources™ (MMR) creates and manages marketing programs for small business owners. MMR offers consultations, newsletter management, website design and in some communities fusion marketing programs for small business owners to connect to their local community.

How we do it:

Permission Marketing 

Do you LOVE getting those SPAM emails? Don’t you enjoy getting interrupted during the day with the constant barrage of junk mail trying to sell you something you don’t need, don’t want or have no interest in? That type of marketing is referred to as “interruption marketing” by legitimate marketers.  That type of marketing utilizes the “shotgun” effect and casts out millions of emails at a time in hopes for snagging those “few” that will click or open their email and buy something.  We have not found 1 client yet that enjoys that type of approach.

What MMR does is called “permission  marketing”. We believe that it is more productive to focus on a smaller group of people that actually don’t mind hearing from you. They are more likely to pay attention to your newsletters or helpful articles and eventually buy your products or services.

Expert Resource Marketing

Would you rather have heart bypass surgery with a brand new cardiologist or would you rather have an experienced well recognized cardiologist that come highly recommend and considered an expert in his/her field? Consumers that buy from small business owners/merchants use the same mode of thought.  Sure there will be some people that will take a chance on the newbie, but wouldn’t you rather be viewed in your community as the expert?

MMR also focuses on elevating you as the “expert” in your field.  By positioning yourself as the expert you increase your professional credibility.  People are more likely to buy from and do business with a credible resource.  The key to small business is to change the focus of your consumer from just a “small business owner” to a VALUABLE RESOURCE.

Here is an example: If you own a local butcher shop, your customers know you buy the meat, cut the meat and they experience quality products from your shop. They know you always carry that lean hamburger or they know you are always willing to skin the fish they buy from you.  These are great little perks your customers become accustomed to.  The key to positioning yourself as the expert in your field is to also provide information and resources to your customers such as which meats are the most tender, how long to cook something and at what temperature.  If your customer is buying a piece of meat and mentions they are going to stick it on the BBQ and you know this is not the correct type of meat for the BBQ, you can then step  in and mention that this is not the best type of meat for that method of cooking. Tell them why and what it will do and how it will turn out, then direct them to the correct type of meat for the BBQ.  Keep a recipe of a rub or BBQ sauce on hand to give them for free. You can also sell your BBQ sauce or rub and up-sell it to them.

The next time this customer wants to do something different or special they are going to ask your opinion. You are now considered the expert.

This methodology applies to all small business owners.

Website Design

It is crucial for the success of your business you have a well designed website. Many small business owners make the mistake of using a Go Daddy website, or having a friend build it that does this as a hobby. Ask yourself WHY you would put the success of your business into a person that does website design as a hobby? Website design not only has to look great, but it needs to be found in Google. It is unlikely that a hobbyist will be able to accomplish your goals.  Most small business owners think their websites look fine, until they see it after we have revamped it. They are amazed at the difference.

Investing in a professional website design and social media and newsletter marketing is the #1 boost you can give your business.