Valley Springs Connect

Valley Springs Connect is an amazing marketing system that connects local small business owners/merchants to the citizens of the community using websites and a community newsletter.

How it works:  is the main website portal to the community of Valley Springs, CA.  The website features small business owners and merchants in Valley Springs.  The main website serves as a resource to direct Valley Springs citizens to the websites of the small business owners and merchants in Valley Springs. Merchants and small business owners will provide Marketing Management Resources (MMR) with information about their businesses, specials, discounts, coupons, informational articles and any important information the merchant/small business owner wants to convey to the public. MMR will post the content on the merchants websites each month.

Valley Springs Connect Community Newsletter

All of the participating merchants and small business owners will have an OPT-IN signup sheet in their store fronts so customers can sign up for the Community Newsletter. Since all of the merchants/small business owners will have signup sheets, the data base of the citizens of Valley Springs will grow quickly. In addition, each small business owner/merchants get the marketing exposure to all of the people in Valley Springs, not just your own client base. Each month MMR will email the Valley Springs Connect Community newsletter to the citizens in Valley Springs. Each month they will receive information about all of the merchant’s specials, discounts and news.


Standard Membership-$15.00 a month

If you already have a website, we can connect to your website on the website AND include articles you write in the community newsletter, linking to your website.

Premium Website$879.00 for website and $30.00 a month for maintenance and updates VSABA Members Receive $100.00 discount.


  •  Website (Up to a 5 pages) with custom design
  •  Participation in the VS Connect Community Newsletter
  •  Featured video
  •  Your company logo, photos and blog
  •  Monthly management of site and hosting included
  • We update your website every month


** Please note, templates are just a look and feel, we customize them to look how YOU want it to look.

**Additional pages $50.00 each

** We will do everything we can do to keep your costs down. If you have ideas, simply let us know and we will think it through to come up with the best cost effective solution.