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Website Before and After Example

Final H2HLogo 336x90

This client is a well sought after horse clinician. She deserved to have her expertise and brand well represented through her website and marketing efforts. The first photo was her website as she was able to do on her own. While all of the information was there for clients to read, and she had great examples of her work, the site was shifted to the left, which is a common function of DIY sites. [Read more…]

Teg Lease Testimonial

Website Testimonial

My company’s website was in need of 21st century overhaul. Old content and neglect had virtually made it useless and un-responsive. We set out to find a company that could provide us with the punch we needed to get back in the ring and move forward in today’s technological markets. After interviewing many website design companies to pursue our company’s needs, we came upon Marketing Management Resources and took a moment to share our intent with Kathy Nielsen. We were stunned by their knowledge. They encompassed us with relief and we were confident in our decision to hire Marketing Management Resources. We provided them with information they needed and laid it in her lap and said, here it is. What we received in return was nothing short of phenomenal. An energetic and a new polished appeal that is user friendly and responsive. Exactly what we were looking for. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our needs!

Gary Berg,Georgia Chief Operations Officer,

3 Things to Know Before You Hire a Website Designer

I hear horror stories every day about people that trusted website designers only to later not be able to access their sites because the website designer went out of business.
Here are some tips to help you when you choose a website designer:

1. Be sure the domain name is in YOUR name, not THEIRS. Just sign up at GoDaddy and buy the domain name you want. Put all the contact information in YOUR name. With your phone numbers and addresses.
2. Put the hosting plan in your name. It is quite legitimate that a website designer is a reseller of hosting. However, they should set you up with your own Cpanel, with your own passwords and log in information. If they are putting you on a plan where they tell you that you can’t have access because you can see other people’s information. RUN. This means that you won’t have access and they can delete your site with a clickity click clack of a mouse.
3. If you are using WordPress, it is normal for your website designer to have an “admin” log in. If you are paying them for maintenance this is a very simple way of allowing them access to your site. If you are not paying for maintenance, make yourself the admin so you have control. You can always give them temporary control if you need them to fix something or to work on something for you.
Marketing Management Resources uses a WordPress platform and we put everything in your name. You will have complete control of your own site. You will get a list of log ins and passwords when the site is completed.

Why Use a Marketing Video

Marketing Video Brochures

Why Use Video?

Marketing Videos are an effective and affordable way to communication your message and increase traffic to your website.

The Wharton school of business did a study on the importance of videos in sales and marketing. They concluded that prospects are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service when video is used and they make buying decisions faster. They also reported that 89% of consumers actually reviewed a video the same day they receive it and 94% will share it.

Consumer’s tend to view “video brochures” with a higher value than printed material and are not likely to be dumped into their deleted folder.   [Read more…]

5 Reasons to Start a Business Blog

Blogging to improve your marketing

Today, even more than ever, it can be difficult for many business owners to market their businesses effectively.  The great news is there are more ways to market your business for free, to little money invested. The days of advertising in the Yellow Pages are over for the majority of business owners. Although, traditional advertising can still be a viable resource for the right business and the right target audience. For example, if you have a business that caters to seniors, then advertising in the Yellow Pages would be a great resource because more seniors still use the yellow pages. However, if you are marketing to the general public, social media, website marketing, and newsletters are the way to go. Having a blog on your website helps in a variety of ways. Marketing Management Resources can set up your blog for you when we build your website.  Here are the 5 reasons to start a business blog: [Read more…]

Get Started with Email

email is important to your business

One of the most important components of any business is using an email address that is specific to your domain name. Current and future customers expect professionalism from you and if you have a professional website and are using a Hotmail or Gmail account, you are losing an opportunity to further brand your company. Here are some great tips about email:


If you have a website created by Marketing Management Resources then we will create your emails for you. If you want to create additional emails you may ask us to do so at an additional fee or you may do it yourself.  Log into your cpanel and click on “email accounts”. Follow the prompts by adding the name of your email. or, add your password, and you are set.


To check your email you can either use a webmail link or use an email program on your desktop like Outlook or Mac Mail. The webmail program is easy to set up and there is no programming. You simply go to the URL listed in your cpanel and start emailing. However, using Outlook or Mac Mail will give you much more flexibility. Those programs have calendars, reminders, folders, etc. It is a complete time management software and can be useful in many areas of your business. After you have set up your email to the right of your email in your cpanel there are more instructions on configuring your email client. Click whichever link applies to you and follow those directions and you will be up and running in no time at all. [Read more…]

5 Tips to Help Your Google Rankings

5 tips to help your Google rankings

You can have a great website, but if you are not found online then your efforts will not pay off if you desire to gain new clients through a website. Here are a few tips that you can utilize when providing information to Marketing Management Resources so we can help you create the best optimized website for you. .

  1. Figure Out The Correct Keywords  

Use Google Keyword Tool to find out what keywords and phrases are searched most often and use those words on your site. Local businesses should use words that are specific to your business and you should include your service area. For example, “Denver Day Spa,” is better than simply “Day Spa.” [Read more…]

Social Media 101

Social Media TipsSocial media is a great tool for businesses looking to connect with customers and potential customers online. Social media can also give you a competitive edge with your marketing efforts. Social media can be an amazing asset to your marketing efforts if you know what to use and how to use it.

Here are a few suggestions.

Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn allows you to share information to “online friends”, “followers” or “connections”.  You can use these sites for both personal and business use.

Blogs: Marketing Management Resources creates websites using WordPress. WordPress is the most up-to-date blogging and website platforms.  By blogging on a consistent basis not only allows you to communicate to your customers, it raises your SEO if you position the posts with keywords.

Managing social media doesn’t have to be difficult. Marketing Management Resources can connect your blog to your social networking sites. Blog once and your post will be Tweeted and then Facebook’d automatically.


SEO - Search engine optimzation definitionSearch Engine Optimization- Tactics used on websites to increase your visibility to search engines without paying for ads. This is commonly referred to as “organic ranking”. SEO can consist of the use of keywords, alt tags, meta tags, relevant content and back-links.