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email is important to your business

One of the most important components of any business is using an email address that is specific to your domain name. Current and future customers expect professionalism from you and if you have a professional website and are using a Hotmail or Gmail account, you are losing an opportunity to further brand your company. Here are some great tips about email:


If you have a website created by Marketing Management Resources then we will create your emails for you. If you want to create additional emails you may ask us to do so at an additional fee or you may do it yourself.  Log into your cpanel and click on “email accounts”. Follow the prompts by adding the name of your email. or, add your password, and you are set.


To check your email you can either use a webmail link or use an email program on your desktop like Outlook or Mac Mail. The webmail program is easy to set up and there is no programming. You simply go to the URL listed in your cpanel and start emailing. However, using Outlook or Mac Mail will give you much more flexibility. Those programs have calendars, reminders, folders, etc. It is a complete time management software and can be useful in many areas of your business. After you have set up your email to the right of your email in your cpanel there are more instructions on configuring your email client. Click whichever link applies to you and follow those directions and you will be up and running in no time at all.


POP vs. IMAP –Marketing Management Resources servers support both of these protocols, you just have to decide which is right for you. With POP (Post Office Protocol), emails are removed from the server stored right on your local computer. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) only removes emails from the server when you delete it. Again, as with the difference between Webmail and a desktop client, your decision should come down to your needs – if you need to access your email from different computers and want to sync your email with your smartphone, work desktop and laptop at home, then IMAP is probably a better fit. If you mostly use the same computer to read your emails and you’re worried about server space, and then stick with POP.

Getting started with email is simple and can make the world of difference in your business. Don’t be afraid to jump into the email world, it will only benefit you!

Shell Brodnax is a highly respected entrepreneur who is known for her passion and her “make it happen, don’t wait for it to happen” no-nonsense business concepts. Shell’s clients range from the first-time business owner to seasoned professionals.

Shell delivers incredible and effective strategies with passion that is so contagious it motivates clients to make necessary changes so they can have the business they desire.

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