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Marketing Management Resources seo-boost-largeSEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization” or “search engine optimizer.”  No company can “guarantee” to get your site placement on page one of Google. Not even us!

What we can guarantee is that we will make every effort to optimize your site to get you the best possible results. We are proud of our track record and we have expert SEO consultants that work with us.

As part of our website design service, we leverage all the available  SEO processes along the way to ensure your site hits the ground running.

Depending on your market and your market competition, you may need extra SEO help.  If you site needs monthly SEO maintenance, our SEO specialists can help.


  • Current website evaluation of  main keywords and current placement in serps. Re-evaluate keyword choices and change main keywords if different keywords are determined to be better.
  • Install plugins related to search engine optimization.
  • Keyword structure inner page urls properly.
  • Optimize photos for keywords.
  • Use schema coding for search engine bots (helps them define the page better for search engine placement)
  • Link Google places with website with KML file.
  • Link Google + account for authorship photos for serps.
  • Run backlink campaign for 2-3 keywords per page after pages have been optimized using various methods to gain back-links.

You may choose a monthly maintenance or a one time boost.

SEO Boost $400.00

Call for quotes on monthly maintenance. We will give you a FREE “look-see” and make a recommendation.

Shell Brodnax is a highly respected entrepreneur who is known for her passion and her “make it happen, don’t wait for it to happen” no-nonsense business concepts. Shell’s clients range from the first-time business owner to seasoned professionals.

Shell delivers incredible and effective strategies with passion that is so contagious it motivates clients to make necessary changes so they can have the business they desire.

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