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Using www.HomeStagingNewsWire.com vs. other free press release sites

  1. Our site is dedicated solely to the home staging and redesign industry
  2. Your articles and press releases won’t get lost in thousands of other press releases that have nothing to do with your business
  3. The more home stagers that post on Home Staging News Wire, the higher our Google rankings will climb, thus giving your business more exposure
  4. The “Free” sites may not charge you, but they collect your personal data for marketing purposes. We will never sell or trade your information to anyone. We may occasionally send our subscribers industry related information, which you may opt-out of at anytime, for any reason.
  5. SEO optimized for the home staging & real estate industries.
  6. Permanent placement on HSNWire.com
  7. Social media features; bookmarking, digg, stumble upon, email etc.

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