5 Reasons to Start a Business Blog

Blogging to improve your marketing

Today, even more than ever, it can be difficult for many business owners to market their businesses effectively.  The great news is there are more ways to market your business for free, to little money invested. The days of advertising in the Yellow Pages are over for the majority of business owners. Although, traditional advertising can still be a viable resource for the right business and the right target audience. For example, if you have a business that caters to seniors, then advertising in the Yellow Pages would be a great resource because more seniors still use the yellow pages. However, if you are marketing to the general public, social media, website marketing, and newsletters are the way to go. Having a blog on your website helps in a variety of ways. Marketing Management Resources can set up your blog for you when we build your website.  Here are the 5 reasons to start a business blog: [Read more…]

Shell Brodnax is a highly respected entrepreneur who is known for her passion and her “make it happen, don’t wait for it to happen” no-nonsense business concepts. Shell’s clients range from the first-time business owner to seasoned professionals.

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