3 Things to Know Before You Hire a Website Designer

I hear horror stories every day about people that trusted website designers only to later not be able to access their sites because the website designer went out of business.
Here are some tips to help you when you choose a website designer:

1. Be sure the domain name is in YOUR name, not THEIRS. Just sign up at GoDaddy and buy the domain name you want. Put all the contact information in YOUR name. With your phone numbers and addresses.
2. Put the hosting plan in your name. It is quite legitimate that a website designer is a reseller of hosting. However, they should set you up with your own Cpanel, with your own passwords and log in information. If they are putting you on a plan where they tell you that you can’t have access because you can see other people’s information. RUN. This means that you won’t have access and they can delete your site with a clickity click clack of a mouse.
3. If you are using WordPress, it is normal for your website designer to have an “admin” log in. If you are paying them for maintenance this is a very simple way of allowing them access to your site. If you are not paying for maintenance, make yourself the admin so you have control. You can always give them temporary control if you need them to fix something or to work on something for you.
Marketing Management Resources uses a WordPress platform and we put everything in your name. You will have complete control of your own site. You will get a list of log ins and passwords when the site is completed.

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