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Every website must have a hosting plan. You may purchase your own hosting plan at HostGator by clicking the link below. You can get low coast hosting, however all hosting companies will have you commit to a yearly contract to secure the lower price. In addition, this covers your hosting ONLY, they do not work on your website for you, they will not do updates, etc.

Marketing Management Resources offers our own hosting plans, they are all billed monthly:

Hosting Only with a Month-To-Month Commitment $7.00 a month:

  • Unlimited Free Email
  • No updates, but you may purchase updates at $10.00 per update
  • Support on a case by case basis. If you damage the site, we will fix it for you at a rate of $45.00 an hour, with a one hour minimum

Hosting With Support: $30.00 a month:

  • Unlimited Free Email
  • Up to 3 updates a month

Hosting with Support for Real Estate Agents $75.00 a month:

  • Unlimited Free Email
  • Up to 3 updates a month
  • Additional updates $10.00 each

Here is an example of HostGator pricing, (This does not include updates and support as they do not offer website management)

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